Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 Picture Diary.

I've been awful in 2012 in upkeeping my blog.. and by awful I mean it's october and this is my first post. But better late than never no?
Here's a picture version of my year thus far..it's been pretty unbelievable:
2012 rang in with a trip home to South Africa. The whole family together for Nana's 70th Birthday!
On Return to Korean Winter, the Damyang Food fiestas Resumed.
"you girls don't just have normal girls nights where you nsakc on chocolate and talk about boys. You have wine and food massacres and things just get ridiculous" - Ryan Sullivan
GIRL PIC. Winter Defined.
I had to say goodbye to my roomie. That was a hard point. I miss her.
But spring sprung, bringing beautiful cherry blossoms!
and the first night hike of the season...
...Then we saw LADY GAGA.

and went to a mustache party.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Buddha. Thanks for the 3 days on the beach (even if it was pebbled!)
A disastrous hangover resulted in 'same same' eyebrow piercings.
But that didn't stop me and my couple set slaying our mountain in 29 minutes: a feat we had been building for for almost a year. The perfect farewell moment. I miss this lady A LOT.

The camping continued...
and June came into my life...and brought along these 2 gentlemen.
The Makgeoli was always flowing...
and then I was lucky enough to have my lovely sister come and visit.
We went to Seoul and saw Wicked. CARYN PART 1.
and traveled around the world at the YEOSU EXPO. CARYN PART 2.
France was a disapointment. This picture was not.
Eating delicious beef was a highlight...
at the Jangheung Water Festival...the day before:
I met my family in Boracay, Philippines for some R&R.
Mara joined us and we ate the island dry.
I left the Philippines to fly to Taiwan to meet Gina.
Soon After Summer Vacation after what seemed like a perpetual Farewell Party for multiple close friends. I had to say goodbye to this clown, which was sad!
But it was now Autumn and the hiking could really begin. Although the two typhoons did some real damage to our trees and trails
he is the sweetest little headed rascal - and he too loves mountains.
A Mudeung Summit happened in there...
a baseball game too...
Multiple Chicken Dances *Arrested Development*
and glorious friends.
A trip to a German Village brought beer...
many park laying Sundays brought a lot of laughing..
AND then..just when you thought we'd had enough fun for one year...
We woke up at 3am to hike the heart of Gwangju...
to see a beautiful sunrise...
and relish in the spectacular fall colours with great friends.
and as if that wasn't enough..the rest of the year is PREPARING for this experience..a 14 day trek in Nepal to reach the BASE CAMP of EVEREST...

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  1. Ha, ha! I found your blog! How? That's the mystery!

    This is a great little photo essay of the year, by the by. I do miss seeing you in the hallway on the weekends.

    And if you talk to Chelin before I do (which is likely given I hate Facebook :P ) please tell her hello for me.